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800.668.6937 or +1 800-668-6937

David commented 2020-01-22
Another 'your Social Security Number has been suspended' scam. Fun to play with though, they get pretty hostile when you call them on their disgusting, contemptible and ridiculously transparent scam. Remember, the Social Security Administration does NOTHING over the phone. Only through the mail.


858.451.4210 or +1 858-451-4210

John Roseberg commented 2020-01-22
This number is a scam. We checked with Microsoft and that was confirmed.


888.880.0889 or +1 888-880-0889

Jennifer commented 2020-01-22
Its a scam, I have several numbers, they said someone stole my SS# and it has now been blocked. They called me 5 times today all different numbers, just the last 4 numbers were different


413.335.8348 or +1 413-335-8348

valerie aldridge commented 2020-01-22
sell cars on shop want money


866.139.1523 or +1 866-139-1523

Brian Adams commented 2020-01-22
Scammer - Credit Card Services - Beware


508.101.0091 or +1 508-101-0091

Brave Scout commented 2020-01-22
Called on 1/22, left no message


844.211.7065 or +1 844-211-7065

BOB commented 2020-01-22
Sounded bogus, something about a social security case #. "Bot" call, not real person. Just says to call the number...nothing else.


877.831.1479 or +1 877-831-1479

anonomys commented 2020-01-22
I got a text from this number stating an adult signature is required by 8:00 pm for an attempt to collect.


351.130.6950 or +1 351-130-6950

Daniele commented 2020-01-22


800.217.9490 or +1 800-217-9490

AngryinChicago commented 2020-01-22


800.986.7488 or +1 800-986-7488

Maria commented 2020-01-22
I got a call from this number and was a automatic message but after it ask me to select a number to talk with a agent. The message was related to MY SS#. telling me that someone stole it and I needed to contact them immediately. I know SS don't call with this later.


844.281.2776 or +1 844-281-2776

Me commented 2020-01-22
This website is pure the best.


850.199.9500 or +1 850-199-9500

MG commented 2020-01-22
Received a call from this number which was tagged as a Spam Risk. Did not answer so I do not what the results of answering would have been. Left no message but tried calling back to back. Then nothing.


630.491.5584 or +1 630-491-5584

Ally commented 2020-01-22
I had a call from this number (may have been spoofing another number) and person then left a vm re student loans - I think is a scam. the voicemail message " Hello this is Mark McCain 888 680 2791 ref id 8283 - a lot of people seem to have received the scam from the 888 680 2791 company from various phone numbers - this phone number may be legit but the person who "spoofed" it to say was calling from a student loan company wasn't


951.456.4946 or +1 951-456-4946

John commented 2020-01-22
Scam calls about real estate


800.778.0942 or +1 800-778-0942

Efrain commented 2020-01-22
Identity Theft! Scammers trying to trick you into giving your information saying that your Social Security benefits are going away.


678.940.4545 or +1 678-940-4545

Monica Robinson commented 2020-01-22
I got a call from this number asking me if owe any back taxes for the state. I ask how did you get my information and if owe anything, will I get a letter in the mail. Ask me what is my address. I told him you calling me telling me that owe taxes. They just hung up the phone.


877.177.9127 or +1 877-177-9127

Dori commented 2020-01-22
Says about social security


602.483.9061 or +1 602-483-9061

Jam commented 2020-01-22
robot call


775.571.5982 or +1 775-571-5982

Randy Fraser commented 2020-01-22
Unlicensed Agents making unsolicited calls trying to market medicare advantage plans.