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850.312.5093 or +1 850-312-5093

Michael commented 2020-01-19
They keep calling, so I call them back. A recording says their text mail subscriber cannot be reached.


877.600.9055 or +1 877-600-9055

Candy commented 2020-01-18
I second that it is a scam!! Beware however that the number you get called from my be spoofed to look like it came from your actual power company. I just got a call that showed up on my call id as the valid and correct number for Evergy, my power supplier. I might have actually believed this was legit except I have a very large credit with them and they won't ever turn your power off without first sending you a notification through either the mail or your email depending on your setting preferences. Please beware to never give these creeps any of you time, worry, or information. Stay safe out there folks!!


800.974.2183 or +1 800-974-2183

Joe commented 2020-01-19
A scam robo call voice ...


954.715.9236 or +1 954-715-9236

Нелля commented 2020-01-18
Это номер моего давнего знакомого - очень хорошего человека, но. к сожалению, перенесшего очень сложную операцию по поводу страшной и неизлечимой болезни. Наше общение прервалось в 2017 году... Если у кого-то есть хоть какая-то информация о его жизни, сообщите, пожалуйста! Мне бы только знать, что он - жив!!!


202.318.0027 or +1 202-318-0027

BETH JURKIEWICZ commented 2020-01-18
I have been contacted by this person on Instagram.Gary Vanderchuk???Can you confirm an identity .SCam??


833.640.0175 or +1 833-640-0175

Tom Tate commented 2020-01-18
This number is a scam. It has a message to call them on this number as you will have a sum of money taken from your account. I didn't call back but checked out online and others have had the same call. Hope this helps


844.900.0889 or +1 844-900-0889

Marcel Braun commented 2020-01-18
This number is owned by strg, a legit digital services company providing services


530.567.8195 or +1 530-567-8195

Lorisa Ferren commented 2020-01-18
My phone


917.251.8416 or +1 917-251-8416

Qinton commented 2020-01-18
Some solution company


480.405.0758 or +1 480-405-0758

Cathy Parr commented 2020-01-18
I receive calls from this number. I answer. Someone asks if Cathy is there. I respond, "This is Cathy." Then, I hear no response, no background noise or anything. It call doesn't even hang up. I wonder if this is some sort of phishing scam or scam to see if I'm home. It's very annoying and I'd like to know where this comes from. I called the number back and am unable to call that number from my line. The recording tells me to call AT&T's 800 # which only gives a recording telling me to call 611 from my wireless. This is of no help at all. I'll have to just block this number. But, I would like to know who it is and why they call just to see if I'm the one answering the call. It's a strange confirmation call that I'm not comfortable with.


213.187.3573 or +1 213-187-3573

Joe commented 2020-01-18
Keeps calling


321.465.9999 or +1 321-465-9999

M. Smith commented 2020-01-18
This is a Collections Service.


607.909.0274 or +1 607-909-0274

Mike commented 2020-01-18
Spam call from a female to say my credit card had two suspicious charges on is in the past few early morning hours. Press 1 to accept 2 to cancel. Press 2 then hold please. Transferred to a male speaker with south asian accent. I hung up. No call back and on attempt I made to call back no busy signal.


540.493.1190 or +1 540-493-1190

Omar villarreal commented 2020-01-18
I need information about this number: +15404931190


269.483.6255 or +1 269-483-6255

Mike Paige commented 2020-01-18


931.338.9416 or +1 931-338-9416

amit sharma commented 2020-01-18
Who is this, calls and is silent?


833.833.0594 or +1 833-833-0594

Chandramathy Thillainathan commented 2020-01-18
I need to information about this mobile number


801.619.2531 or +1 801-619-2531

Kohant * commented 2020-01-18
I received a message that I won the lottery. It is not true.


847.426.9138 or +1 847-426-9138

Joaquyn * commented 2020-01-18
This number constantly receives threatening calls. Who is that?


877.365.9673 or +1 877-365-9673

Garry * commented 2020-01-18
Can I get information about the owner of the phone?