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352.509.5166 or +1 352-509-5166

Burt commented 2019-07-20
Harassing spammer. Blocked but still comes through voicemail.


844.143.7925 or +1 844-143-7925

Jaya krishna commented 2019-07-20
New SS officer Erik Shaw . ready to scam you


601.724.3239 or +1 601-724-3239

Richard B Rivera commented 2019-07-20
some using this number called saying there was suspicious activity relating to my SS# and to press 1 to get the whole story It's from Brandon , Miss., Rankin county. that's all I know.


601.724.3239 or +1 601-724-3239

Richard B Rivera commented 2019-07-20
Some one called and I missed tit. The message was not very clear; it said that my social number was identified in reference to suspicious activity and to get the whole story, press 1. the number is from Brandon, Miss. Rankin county


800.596.7390 or +1 800-596-7390

Shelby commented 2019-07-19
They called and it was an automated line telling me they were social security administration and my social was reported as suspicious. So they were suspending it. I called back and it was People with a Chinese accent for a laboratory place. I’m confused.


916.219.1654 or +1 916-219-1654

Anonymous commented 2019-07-20
Unknown caller, no caller ID, did not leave a message. Only information available on the phone number is that its from "33 Wireless Inc."


877.247.4996 or +1 877-247-4996

Desi commented 2019-07-20
This # keeps harassing you to have you call back for them to take your $. Its a scam.


800.038.6763 or +1 800-038-6763

James commented 2019-07-19


800.502.5644 or +1 800-502-5644

El. commented 2019-07-19
Threat regarding my SS #


866.067.3534 or +1 866-067-3534

Person commented 2019-07-19
Robo scam caller. Something about being Urgent. Then starts speaking in Chinese.


979.269.7249 or +1 979-269-7249

Marquetta Hinton commented 2019-07-19
Keep getting a recorded call saying they are the Social Security Administration and my Social Security number has been suspended by the Federal Law for fraudulent activity and I will be prosecuted.


202.048.5981 or +1 202-048-5981

Anonymous commented 2019-07-19
This is a company called Onvoy llc. They sell your mobile phone number to scam companies that try to get your personal information and money. Highly Rated Scam!


760.580.7830 or +1 760-580-7830

Sean Heller commented 2019-07-19
Has my contact- not sure who it is. Asked me about some performance they are doing in SD. Would love to support if I knew who it was


802.008.8981 or +1 802-008-8981

Online commented 2019-07-19
This is a scam call, calling about turning off your Social Security. Please be aware you can not cancel you Social and it can't be turned off. That's not how things work they teach that in High school Civics class. just don't answer or tell them that this is illegal and that they will be sent to the jail if they dont stop. they will hang up on you and then you can't call them back. If you don't believe me note they would have sent you a letter in the mail asking you to come into the official government building. the government will never ask for your personal information over the phone they want you to come in.


855.700.0353 or +1 855-700-0353

KM commented 2019-07-19
Received email from this number of a $3700 purchase of Microsoft item which is wrong. I deleted because I saw it was a scam and associated with a bad virus.


800.106.0635 or +1 800-106-0635

C B commented 2019-07-19
Fake phone call fishing for account information


888.254.4907 or +1 888-254-4907

Carol commented 2019-07-19
Claim to me from Microsoft and there is a problem with my computer.


845.287.2748 or +1 845-287-2748

Erika commented 2019-07-19
Der Inhaber dieser Telefonnummer ist als Romance Scammer auf Facebook unterwegs unter dem account Rijvan.Shaikh.71 alias Nick Bray. Ich habe 1100 € für diese Erkenntnis gezahlt


866.225.3668 or +1 866-225-3668

wayne commented 2019-07-19
says Social Security dept


443.382.8647 or +1 443-382-8647

Ashley commented 2019-07-19
Texted me that "Your shopping card has been delivered to your address at 11am today. Leave your feedback on" but no idea what it is.